Trust and Comfort

It is one of the most important, intangible things that we can have,

Like all intangible objects it can be hard to find, and even harder to keep,


We can all relate to either losing someone’s trust, or having someone else lose ours,

What drives us to break promises, lie, and deceive?

Not just for the people we hate, but those we love as well,

Is it truly in our nature?

Are we inherently selfish beings, retaining the need for survival from our ancestors?


Yet while they fought for food, water and shelter,

We fight for money, social status, the opposite sex,

This is not to say we have no right to want these things,

It is a cliché to say our desires corrupt, but it is also a timeless truth,

I don’t believe we should or need to cast our desires aside,

Like any resource, they need to be relegated,

But that is easier said than done,


I have always wandered what drives the truly selfish people,

Those who routinely steal and lie,

Do they ever feel guilty for what they do?

Ever reflect on the misfortune they caused someone else,

Maybe they do reflect on this, but derive their own twisted happiness from those thoughts

Happiness is subjective, different people measure success in different ways

What are bullies after all?

People who derive satisfaction from other’s suffering,

We might try to justify their actions,

Say that they are just lonely, hurting people on the inside,

But I think we tell ourselves, and each other to hide the truth about the world,

It is comforting to think that most people are innately caring,

Instead of admitting that it is quite the opposite.