Perspective and Empathy

Hello everyone,

TGIF and I hope you have all had a good week. I’ve made a commitment to post to my writing instagram- wmoviegrapevine- more and it is paying off so far. Hopefully I can keep building it while I work on getting published. I have started submitting queries for Elseworld again since I was able to find some more literary agents that accept science-fiction. For a while I seriously thought I exhausted the entire list of agents available in Canada and the US.

Also, my latest article for comicommand is available here and I will repost it later today.

With that said, I wanted to share a story from earlier this morning. I got into work early and decided to stop by the McDonalds a block down. I was cutting it somewhat close with my starting time, so I rushed there and was in a hurry to get my order and leave. A man was in front of me and slowed his pace to a crawl as he neared the cash register, which blocked my access to the self-serve computers. I walked around him and the look on my face made it clear I was irritated. As I waited for my order he came over to me, smiling and asking how I was doing. He explained that he realized I was in a rush, but that he is old and has to take his time when moving. We talked while we waited for our orders and wished each other a good day.

When I originally saw the man I assumed he was yet another person wrapped up in his own world: going at his own pace and oblivious to people around him. It turns out he was only going at a pace comfortable for him. I was just another irritated person in a rush. I deal with clients like that at work, who complain about every second they have to spend on the phone with you, thinking that the world will stop spinning if their issue is not resolved in a certain amount of time. I was acting like the people I hated. I was judging someone else, but I was the person who deserved to be judged. The few seconds that the man delayed me didn’t make me late for work, and my iced coffee might have been delayed by a minute. Truly not the end of the world. A true first world problem and I’m disappointed in myself for letting it bother me so much. I pride myself on being more level-headed and patient that the masses I deal with five days a week but this was a moment of failure. The situation itself is not a big deal but I think the lesson can apply to more important situations. Hopefully it can be a valuable lesson for anyone who reads this.


I reacted poorly to a client at work today and the situation got me thinking about why I reacted the way I did. I originally didn’t want to discuss this online because it is public and my employer could see it. However, I recanted that decision and hope I don’t regret it.

While helping a customer today, I asked if I could put them on hold while I checked something on my end. Before I put the caller on hold, I heard her whisper to a co-worker that she couldn’t understand me. As a child, I had a lot of problems projecting my voice. I was even seeing a speech therapist at one point. I have improved, but to this day I do often hear that I talk fast and that my words can come out jumbled. I think it is my long history of struggling to be understood that makes me very sensitive to criticism of my volume or diction when I speak. I hate being told to repeat myself, to speak slower or to speak up. I think this insecurity was what led me to immediately call the client out on not letting me know directly that she couldn’t hear me. I criticized her for whispering to a colleague instead of letting me know and once the call was over I felt terrible for doing so. I could tell that the client was genuinely taken aback and didn’t mean to be rude with her comment.

Thinking of the experience got me thinking of a poem I wrote for my wmoviegrapevine Instagram. I don’t mean to post this as self-promotion or as a lazy repost. I feel like the words truly summed up what happened today, and it makes me think of what I need to do to become a happier, less insecure person.


I could feel it coming again,

Crashing through my body and slowly taking over my brain,

It contained all the worst things in me,

Bitterness, envy, insecurity,

It built up slowly and now it would come crashing out,

My body was the dam,

It needed to break me to break free