Thank you for visiting my website.

I have loved film and film industry analysis for years and this blog was the ideal way for me to share information and thoughts with a wider audience. I also love creative writing and will use this blog to post my writing, which will mainly be short pieces of poetry. However, I have written a science fiction novel, Elseworld. Most of my writing efforts for the moment are focused on trying to get my first book published and trying to build an audience with the writing on the site.

I recently finished my second book, a science-fiction novella titled “The Visitor“. I am now working on a third book, a werewolf novel titled “Alive“. I began with the goal of writing at least one page a day, as I have for my other works. However, I decided to push myself more and aim for 1000 words a day instead. I am now aiming to have a rough draft completed by March 2017.

After getting my politics and history degree at the University of Ottawa I worked tech support for a year, and returned to my current tech support job after graduating from my Master’s in Communications from McMaster University.

I also spent the summer of 2015 interning with a literary agency.

Thanks to everyone who has checked out the site.








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