My Next Steps for Getting Published

Hello everyone,

As I stated in my last post, a rough draft of my novella is now completed. I want to take time away from it for at least a week before I go back and start editing it thoroughly. I am then aiming to have a polished version ready by December so that I can begin submitting queries for it. It is more difficult to find agents that accept novellas but I will try to go through agents first and if I do not have any luck with that I may try to submit parts of the novella into short story contests.

Another idea I have been considering is creating short stories that I can submit to contests. Being able to win one, or at least be a finalist could help to gain some exposure and get me closer to officially being published. It will be easier to get a book published if I have some other credits to my name. I am currently reading Stephen King’s short story collection, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, and it has motivated me to pursue writing short stories as well.


I am still awaiting some responses about Elseworld¬†and if I still fail to get an agent there I may need to seriously consider rewriting it. I can always post the full story to the blog, in pieces, like Andy Weir did for The Martian and hope it catches on. However, the odds of that happening are very slim, especially since my average blog post currently gets less than ten views. The whole point of posting the story is to hope that my audience continues to grow with it, but it’s a huge gamble. If I end up posting most of the story on my website then many publishers won’t touch it at that point, since it is arguable self-published. Meanwhile I could potentially miss out on a chance to get published, in return for¬†having very few people read my blog posts.


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