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Edit: Meant to post this last night.

Been a crazy week. Doing overtime at work and also waking up at 5 tomorrow morning for another shift. I’ll have a new blog post up tomorrow and will likely have another blog post up for comicommand early next week.

I finished reading 100 Bullets so my comicommand post will likely be a review, or some thoughts on the series. For the moment, I had to stop buying comics since they are a huge drain on the wallet. They can cost as much as books while also taking 1/10 of the time to read. I’ll be sticking to reading comics online for a little while.

After a week hiatus, I finally returned to working on my second novel, The Visitor. The section of the book I plan to finish this weekend may end up being the final piece of the puzzle. However, even if I feel like the story is done there is the issue of getting the book to novel length (80,000 words). By monday, I estimate it will only be about 60,000.It looks like I may have to bite the bullet and try to pad it, adding more detail to sections or filling in more gaps. The book jumps through the perspectives of two different characters, with time jumps for one of the characters. Perhaps I can fill in these time jumps more. All the important events of the story are provided in detail, where the reader can fill in small details but still have enough information to tie each thread of the character’s story together. I originally intended to have a rough draft completed by this time so I am behind my goal. However, I will make my new goal October and will have a rough draft completed by then.

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