My Second Book

Hello everyone,

Swelling with Jamaican and Canadian pride after seeing Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse both medal in the 100m final. Now let’s see if Bolt can get gold in the 200m and 4X100m relay.

I have been spending more time watching the olympics, but I try not to let it distract me from the work I need to do. One thing I have been putting off for a while is continuing my second book, The Visitor. I wrote the first few pages years ago, but never went further with it until I returned to it earlier this year. My original goal was to finish it by July, but I faltered there and I then set another goal to finish it by September and I am aiming to get it done.

I stalled on a certain part of the story, where I didn’t know how to proceed any further. I already wrote the ending, and needed to fill in the pieces to get there. After brainstorming I finally got an idea of how to continue and have been working on linking another thread of my fictional world. My biggest worry at this point is that the new ideas I have won’t take me to 80,000 words, which is the minimum that many agents and publishers will accept for a science fiction novel. If The Visitor ends up being less than 60,000 words once complete, then it will be a novella. Many publishers don’t accept novellas, especially not from debut authors. Getting published is hard enough as it is and I do not want to make it harder for myself. Especially since the plan was to try and get this second work published, seeing if I had better luck with the hunt for the 2nd one and could then try to publish Elseworld afterwards.

I am still trying to get Elseworld published as well but I am sure that I have nearly exhausted the list of agents that accept science fiction in Canada and the US. I could try other countries but foreign agents do typically take more commissions for foreign sales. Additionally, New York is a large publishing hub, which is why it is ideal to have an agent located in New York or close to it. As I learned from interning with a literary agency, the publishing and marketing process still involves a lot of physical mail; Increased distance can make things more time consuming and difficult.

It appears that my best bet for publication is to complete The Visitor. Once I fill in the remaining gaps in my story, there is the question of how long the book will be. Then there is also the question of whether or not I should add extra passages just for the sake of padding it to 80,000 words.

If I can complete it by September, I can then spend time editing it before I send out my first query. Even though agents can take weeks to respond about a query, I still want to make sure the manuscript is near perfect before I begin the process. I would hate to lose a chance at publication because I submitted a sloppy manuscript.

Who knows how all this will turn out, but I have to keep working and dreaming.

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