Hello everyone,

Had a dream a few nights ago that was by far the most interesting one I’ve had in a while. It was somewhat personal so I wasn’t sure if I should share it. However, checking analytics shows that sharing this story won’t expose it to too many people anyway.

The dream starts with me sitting in a bedroom with a door to my left. The door is open, showing a living room packed with numerous people that are around my age. They are all partying but I am on the phone dealing with an impatient caller. Although I am not physically at work I recognize the issue as being one that I deal with frequently at my current tech support job. For some reason, the usual fix for the problem is not working, which just leaves me and the client more stressed out. As he continues to yell and swear at me, the party in the other room escalates. More drinks, more noise. I don’t talk to anyone in the dream, but for some reason I know I wasn’t invited to this party.

I shut the door, to filter out some of the noise. A few minutes later I am finally able to fix the caller’s issue. He is more polite at the end of the call, but it doesn’t negate what was said before.

The next thing I remember is being in the parking lot of a high school, surrounded by students leaving for the day. One of my best friends is there, I recognize his face and voice from my real life. I am telling him about my hunt for a new place, which is something I recently started in real life. He tells me that his girlfriend moved out of his house recently, and that he has a house that he can share with me. I remember feeling lighter, with one of my most stressful tasks finally taken off my list.

In this dream, there was a literal manifestation of my biggest worries and insecurities. The party I am not invited to, the stress and monotony of dealing with rude clients at work, and my hunt for a place. I woke up the morning after, knowing that I didn’t have to be a psychologist to interpret what I saw.


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