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I wrote a new article for comicommand that should hopefully be posted to the site later today. Once it is up there I’ll also post it here so you can check it out.

I am going to be working more aggressively at converting instagram followers to visitors of the site. I realized that I was too caught up in vanity metrics for a while, focusing on followers and not even tracking visits to the site, to see if they were increasing. Perhaps I made the assumption that followers would check out the site but I realize that is a carless assumption. I have found instagram users unfollow accounts quicker than users of any other platform I use (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube). This also indicates that some of them may be engaging with the content at a very superficial level. Of course, I don’t want to insult any of my followers, and if you are a follower visiting the site, I appreciate it. My point is that I don’t want to get caught up in the chase for followers and lose sight of the purpose of the instagram account- getting more traffic to the site.

I recently tried to install Google analytics, which requires inputting the code into a footer of the site. However, I found that I had issues uploading images once I added the footer plugin. Once I removed the plugin, I could add images again. Images can seem superficial too, but they help to break up the longer blog posts. A lot of research and experimentation indicates that pictures do make it more likely people will read a blog post, instead of skimming it or avoiding it entirely. Then again, the incident from last week shows that there are people whose attention spans are too short even when pictures are included.

I’ll have to look into other ways to add analytics to the site so that I can monitor user traffic better. I was able to use the service briefly and saw that one person was online. I wondered if the site was just monitoring me, but it did say the person was in the UK. Fortunately, it’s not just me reading the site. Then again, it could have been the creator of comicommand, since he lives in the UK.




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