Stealing Ideas- Update

Hello everyone,

For anyone who checked out my piece, stealing ideas, you know that I was pretty angry to see online plagiarism on Instagram. User @lostcreekrambler stole a two sentence horror story, which was originally posted to reddit if I am not mistaken.

The one that @lostcreekrambler happened to steal was one of my favourites so I instantly recognized it. it is also available in the 9gag link provided. The wording @lostcreekrambler used was slightly different but it was the same unique idea and format:

“A girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up and started to head down. As she got to the stairs, her mom pulled her into her room and said, ‘I heard that too.”

As I mentioned in the last post, @lostcreekrambler deleted my comment after I mentioned that I read the story on reddit previously. I messaged him directly as well, telling him it is not right to pass other people’s work off as his own.

Rambler got back to me two days ago, asking me “what the hell are you talking about?” His excuse is that the story he took was a common one, passed down between people for generations. Basically, it is a generic ghost story that he doesn’t need to credit anyone with. However, if this was the case rambler would not have commented ““Thanks everyone. Spooky comes natural to me.”

That self-praise makes it clear that rambler was trying to pass the work off as his own. He was not sharing someone else’s work, he is claiming to have created it, due to his natural affinity for creating spooky work. I called rambler out on this contradiction and I have yet to receive a response.

Some of you may wonder why this incident warrants a follow up. My issue is not with this one case in particular, I am angry at what it signifies. Everyday, hundreds of users could be stealing words from unknown writers and passing it off as their own. I am one of those unknown writers who has dedicated hundreds of hours to writing and could have his work plagiarized. I created my writing Instagram account in an attempt to get more traffic to my site and build a larger following, which I hope to channel into getting published. I always credit other people’s work if I ever use it and I try to post good material consistently. Gaining a following is difficult and months of working at it have barely allowed me to get 70 on my @wmoviegrapevine account. That is why it bothers me to see a user with over 13000 followers steal someone else’s work and elevate his profile using it.

I recently searched for @lostcreekrambler’s profile and see that he no longer has any posts on his page. Although the post count shows as “274” there are no more pictures.

Edit: Looks like @lostcreekrambler blocked me from seeing his posts.


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