My Favourite Films

Hello everyone,

I thought I would start doing a series discussing some of my favourite movies. I was considering doing a list but I thought that this format would allow me to expand on each entry more and include more films, since a list typically only works for 5-10 entries.  This format also saves me from having to rank films. Some films are better due to their artistic merit, their concept or their entertainment value. There are some films that I love that I would not necessarily want to re-watch often since they are depressing. Ranking them depreciates all these complex differences can devalue some entries and inflate others.

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Without further ado, let me present one of my favourite films.

1) The Thing

One of the first science fiction films I watched as an adult, and holding a definite spot in my top five movies of all time. The Thing follows a group of researchers stationed in the Artic, who are being attacked by the titular “thing”, an alien organism that kills them and mimics their appearance.

The Thing starts slow, yet it still held my interest from the beginning. Numerous online articles made me somewhat familiar with the film’s prosthetic makeup, which was far ahead of its time and still holds up in many of the film’s scenes. Visuals are not the most important thing in a film, but they do add to the experience. The visuals in The Thing haunted me for weeks after seeing the film and make it one of the most memorable ones I have ever seen. The depiction of disturbing imagery and violence is also something that I feel has greatly impacted my writing.



Kurt Russell and the supporting cast all give great performances and John Carpenter does an amazing job creating an atmosphere of isolation and paranoia as the film progresses. The end is a cliffhanger but is not the cliffhangers we are too accustomed to nowadays; it is not meant to set up a sequel and most viewers will realize exactly what the remaining character’s fates are.


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