Judgment Day

The sky was pitch black a few minutes ago,


But now it was pierced by splashes of yellow light,


The splashes almost looked like fireworks,


Yet I knew what they really were,


They weren’t the signs of celebration,


They were a harbinger of death,



Each one was a meteor, visible from thousands of miles out,


By the time they reached Earth’s atmosphere they would block out the sky,


I had been warned this moment would come,


I did not heed the warning,



I thought I was going insane,


Hearing a voice in my head,


It called itself God,


It said that it wanted to punish Earth for its sins,


Hate, Narcissism, Greed, War


It also said I had the chance to save myself and the planet


I never answered, I only tried to shut the voice out,



As the meteors came closer,


I heard the voice in my head again,


“Do you want to save yourself and your people?”



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