The Chamber

The snakes weren’t really surrounding me,

I could hear them hissing,

I could feel their leathery skin,

Feel their weight on my arms and legs,

Feel my breath become shorter as they constricted my chest,


Yet they didn’t really exist,

The person standing in front of me was feeding me images of my greatest fears,

The torture started with beatings, then water boarding,

Once those failed, he decided to get more creative,


Someone must have told him what I feared,

There was a mole in our organization,

It would take a while to narrow down the suspects,

Which is why I started going through the list,

I needed my mind to drift away from the hallucinations around me,


My eyes were still closed,

If I opened them it would be too easy to give into the images,

I felt the snake’s grip on my chest lighten as I deprived it of attention,

My captor wanted me to plead, to beg,

But he would have to keep waiting,

He had already deprived me of my family,

If there is one thing I’ll bring to my grave, it will be my dignity.

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