Alive: Part II

This is a continuation of my previous post, Alive


I am considering expanding this idea for a novel, once I finish my current projects- The Visitor and Hazard



I could only see four walls,

Three were brick, one was glass,

The guards, scientists and politicians were on the other side,

I would be giving them a sight to remember,


I couldn’t see the moon,

I could feel it,

No distance, no wall could prevent its strength from seeping into me,

It crashed through my body,

In one intoxicating wave after another,

The straps were holding me still, but I could feel my limbs swelling with blood,

It wasn’t just my muscles that were growing,

My organs, my veins, my blood itself was multiplying to accommodate a new body,

A new body that was rapidly emerging as the moon reached its peak in the sky,


The straps were meant to stretch,

But not this much,

They began to tear across my chest, my arms, my legs as my body kept growing,

The power never came without pain,

My skin tore and peeled as my body shed its old suit,

I could see exposed nerves and blood-drenched muscles,

I screamed as I felt my spine elongating, being pulled so tight I felt like it would snap,

I gasped as I felt my lungs and heart expand,

My chest burned as more air and blood suddenly made their way in,

I could feel the blood gushing through me, and as always, I felt like I was drowning from the inside,

I knew the feeling would pass,


Once it did, my new skin would grow,

Then the final part of the transformation would take place,

The one that all the people on the other side of the glass truly feared.




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