The One

One of the first films I can remember having on DVD is The One (2001). The movie was panned by critics and bombed at the box office, but always stuck with me as an amazing story and one that inspired the idea for the second novel I’m writing. The One takes place in a world where an organization called The Multiverse Authority (MVA) polices inter-dimensional travel. During a mission, a MVA officer was forced to kill an alternate version of himself. He then realized that he became smarter, faster and stronger after the kill. The officer, Gabriel Yulaw (Jet Li), is now on a mission to kill all alternate versions of himself. The One focuses on his pursuit of the last alternate version of himself.

Maybe The One didn’t execute this idea well, but it was still an amazing concept. One thing the movie lacked was more background on one of the most interesting aspects of the story. Yulaw’s history and his murders of 122 versions of himself are glossed over with a few lines of dialogue. I would have loved to have a few flashbacks that revealed his history and his progression from an officer of the law into an inter-dimensional serial killer. This piece is a way for me to be the solution to my own problem. I probably won’t do a piece for each kill, but I felt compelled to write this piece after my mind wandered back to the movie today. I am planning on doing multiple short pieces, each chronicling a different phase of Yulaw’s life.


The cars seemed to be sitting still as I ran by. The speed limit was sixty and there was little traffic, but one car after another fell behind as I made my way to my destination. Twenty blocks now, full speed. My lungs weren’t burning, neither were my legs. I was barely sweating.

Thirty more blocks to go. In my world, I would have taken a bus or a cab. A year ago, I would have had no other choice. I wanted to get my job done quickly and a fifty-block walk would have been an obstacle. Now my feet carried me better than most vehicles could. There were no more obstacles, only opportunities.

I realized I had no money for a bus or a cab, my money was no good in this world. That was the obstacle. I knew I was much stronger and faster than I used to be. I could try to run to my destination. That was the opportunity.

When I arrived at my destination, another opportunity would be in front of me. He would be number fifty-five. Then I would still have sixty-seven left. I had a long mountain to climb, but unlike any climb, each step was easier than the last. With each victory, I only grew stronger, smarter, and faster. It became easier to catch my prey, and easier to avoid my predators.

The first victory was an accident. As I looked back on the odds of it happening, I realized it wasn’t luck. It was fate that I and another version of myself would meet. It was fate that I would kill him. It was a sign that I was destined to embark on this mission. It was fate that I was destined to complete it: to become The One.

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