The Doctor

The pain cut through my neck, travelling down my right shoulder before it mercifully ended at my elbow,

A single muscle was the cause of all my problems,

I could feel the corrupted strand snaking through my body, poisoning everything around it,

It was the reason I struggled to open a door, to lift a cup, to sleep on my right side,


I spent hours tossing and turning,

Finding a good position before pain would shoot through my arm and wake me again,

My eyes were open but I knew I was tired,

I knew I wasn’t alert and that my mind could play tricks on me,

That’s why I didn’t move when I saw a dull white light making its way towards me,

It wasn’t moonlight filtering in through the blinds,

It seemed to come out of nowhere, emerging from the wall and making its way towards my bed,


I knew my exhausted mind was being deceived,

Maybe moonlight was reflecting off another surface and creating the illusion,

It kept moving closer, and I kept watching,

Waiting for the light to go away,

As the light came within a few feet of my bed I realized it wasn’t light,

White pants, white shirt, white surgical mask,


I suddenly wasn’t groggy anymore,

I raised myself up on my left hand, and the illusion didn’t go away,

The figure was coming towards me, and there was a needle in its left hand,

My left hand went to its stomach, but only hit air,

The figure stopped and began walking back to the wall,

It still faced me,

It was too dark to make out its eyes, but I knew I was still under its gaze,

My heart felt like it was going to burst from my chest,

My mouth felt like sandpaper, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t yell,

The figure kept retreating, and as he kept backing up he vanished into the wall,


I nearly fell as I made my way for the light switch,

With the room bathed in light, there was no sign of anyone else,

I went to the wall, running my hand all over it,

I didn’t know what I was looking for,

An answer, but I had no idea what type of answer I wanted,


I sat on my bed, with the light on,

I don’t know when I fell asleep,

After staring at the wall, I awoke to my alarm,


I couldn’t focus on what happened last night,

There were more important things ahead of me,

As I reached for my bathroom door,

I realized I did so with my right hand,

My right hand was no longer hurting,

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