Although the word’s meaning has shifted somewhat over time,

Most people understand karma to be a system of cause and effect, where one’s actions influence the future of that individual,

In the most basic sense, good actions are rewarded and bad actions are punished,


There are situations where karma seems to be at play,

We have all heard of them,

But is karma really as prevalent as we like to think it is,

If it always restored balance would there be as many corrupt politicians, criminals and terrorists?

Surely karma would be the biggest deterrent against their actions if it was a reliable bringer of justice,


The truth is, it is not,

Some may benefit from it, but most do not,

The pervasive myth of karma persists only because it is a comforting thought,

We have all been hurt at one time or another,

People lied to us, stole from us, attacked us,

For one reason or another, we will be truly powerless to do anything about it,

Yet it can give us peace of mind to think that some unseen force will right the wrong and make our transgressor pay for what they have done,
I want to believe that too,

But life has taught me that I cannot embrace this idea,

When you are betrayed, sometimes all you can do is learn from it and hope to avoid further betrayal,

That is the truth about life,

There is nothing out there that will guarantee people pay for their actions.

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