We still don’t know what it’s true meaning is, but we know that a big part of life are the relationships we form with one another,

The people we surround ourselves with,

Who shape who we are,

And we can only hope that chance and fate bestow us with people who bring happiness into our lives,

Although the world seems to revolve around money and fame, the loss of someone we love always makes us remember our true priorities,

We remember them and all the people who mean the most to us, those who are always there for us and truly give without asking for anything in return,

The world is filled with negativity, sadness and betrayal, but the people we care about always make us forget that,

The only good thing we can take from their passing is that they will find peace, and we can continue to honour them with our memories,

More importantly, we can honour them by letting go of the petty things that cloud our own peace,

Our insecurities, our grudges,

Our loved ones probably lectured us about this at one point,

It’s easier said than done, but we can’t truly be free until we let go of these anchors,

We can be more grateful for what we have and remember that we were blessed to be in the presence of someone who truly brightened our lives.


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