The Sad Truth

It’s a truth that I denied for as long as I could,

I can’t live in denial anymore,


One undeniable truth about being a minority is that people of different races will often outnumber you,

In some ways you will be at their mercy for social acceptance and employment,

I used to think that if I encountered racism in one area, then I could simply hope to find another area where people were more accepting,

Living in three different countries, and over five cities has made it clear that I was naïve,

Racism will always be present, I only get to choose the level of racism I deal with, and the group that I get it from,

Racism persists, not just in the odd person, but among the majority groups as a whole,

They use your skin colour to put you in a hierarchy and treat you like an alien, even if you have been in the country longer than they have,

There is no cultural mosaic,

This country is only a patchwork of different segregated communities,

Where different groups flock to their own, building their own insular communities and pushing out different groups.

Statistics on multiculturalism mean nothing when there is no true co-existence and acceptance between different groups,


As time passes, and people keep pretending the world is now “colour-blind”, this problem will only get worse,

People will keep rationalizing exclusionary behaviour, seeing it as only natural for people who look the same to flock to one another and reject difference,

There are those who think humanity is on the right track to racial progress,

But I believe we’re regressing,

Colour-blindness only pretends that we all have the same experiences, negating minority experiences of rejection and racism,

It is nothing more than a tool for avoiding the discussion of racism



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