Misery Versus Success

There is no official count, but I wouldn’t be surprised if 90% of the employed people on this planet are stuck in jobs that they either hate, or would gladly trade for another,
Maybe I am doomed to become one of them,
If I end up like them,
Stressed out by kids, debt and the myth of a better life,
Then I will have two moments to look back on with regret
Both moments were caused by my own bitterness and anger preventing me from seeing the bigger picture

The first one, the opportunity to go to a communications conference,
Instead of an opportunity I saw another annoyance from a family member,
A disturbance in my carefully planned schedule,

The second one, the opportunity to meet a literary agent,
This might mean nothing to most people, but for someone who has been trying to get their work published for years, it could be a one in a lifetime opportunity.
What led me to turn the opportunity down?
Anger at my circumstances, being stuck at a position in my life where I didn’t know where I was headed,
Where every work day felt like a way to pass time till the next opportunity,
I was not appreciative, did not realize I should have cherished every day,
Seen every day as a new opportunity,

I don’t believe in blind optimism, but I do believe that sometimes we need to take a moment to be grateful for what we have so that we do not imprison ourselves in a cocoon of misery

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