Failing To Stand Out From The Pack

So on Tuesday I uploaded two videos. The first was a review of the True Detective and Baller premieres, the second was a video with my initial reaction to the Tom Holland Spider-Man casting. Pretty big news right? Last few videos fell flat and I was hoping that these two would be part of a resurrection. By resurrection, I mean that I was hoping they would get more than ten views: everything is relative.

Anyways, both videos currently have under fourty views. I remember when I set my account up back in 2011. Subscribers climbed steadily for a time, getting from 0-135. Then they pretty much stalled.

Why am I talking about this? To complain about a lack of attention on YouTube? Not really? YouTube is mainly an outlet for me to discuss things that many of my friends and family aren’t interested in. It turns out that girls aren’t usually turned on by your knowledge of comics and movies (which I had picked up on that before high school ended).

After spending years writing and editing a novel, the real attention that I want is one from a literary agent, and then a publisher. Just like YouTube, the field is fickle and ridiculously competitive. If you’ve read my poem. “The City of Broken Dreams”, you know how I feel about creative dreams.

I have always told myself that though many people might fail to become writers, I would not be one of them. My drive, my talent would set me apart from the pack. I used to say the same thing about my videos, yet I see how that has turned out. I am not saying I want to quit, but perhaps my YouTube experience is a simple reality check meant to curb my hubris.

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