Can You Guess What This Is About?

It survives,
Injured in parts but very much whole,
Gripping the world with bloodied fists,
Yet so many refuse to see it,

Some believe it vanished decades, or even centuries ago,
Some believe that if we do not mention it, it will disappear,

While these people live in blissful ignorance,
Its hands seize their hearts and minds,
Growing stronger every time its existence is denied,
Its victims are drowned out by a sea of idiocy, forced to confront the issue themselves,

As our naivety guides us along,
The bloodied hands dig their fingers deeper into the planet,
Tearing it apart as they plunge into the earth’s depths,
We will soon be engulfed,
Naivety will give way to pain and destruction,
And the hands will reduce us to tortured shreds floating through space.

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