I can feel them moving again,
Tearing a path through my flesh,
I can see their bodies, lying just under my skin,
Pressed so tight that my skin moves when they do,

I shiver as I feel one travelling down my neck,
Its body travels over blood vessels and nerves,
Moving over them or pushing them aside,
Its slow movements only prolong the agony,

I crash to the floor,
Serving only to awaken others,
I can feel a wave of movement starting in my legs,
My mind tells me not to look down,
Yet I choose not to listen,

The skin on my legs is stretched tight as they tear through,
Blue tendrils mark their presence on every inch beneath my waist,
I can feel the skin tearing apart now,
Blue gives way to red as the skin tears,
Coming loose from the flesh underneath with a thunderous snap,

They emerge, and death is my only escape.

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