Goals, dreams, delusions, fantasies,
They are one and the same,

We were all told the same thing,
Be ambitious, work hard and reap the rewards,
Yet one look around shows that the world cannot be this simple,
Is every person who cleans toilets for a living doing it only because they never worked hard enough for something better?
Is everyone who serves us fries, only there because they never aimed for a higher calling?
Haven’t you ever worked the hardest to get something, only to have it taken from you by someone who was undeserving?
While the accomplishment may have meant the world to you, it was only an afterthought to them

The real truth we need to accept is that the world is unfair
Everything doesn’t happen for a reason,
Your soul mate did not break your heart so that you could find someone even better,
They broke your heart because unrequited love is a part of life,
The seven-year old cancer patient you weep for did not get cancer so they could learn a life lesson,
The odds simply show that disease must strike someone, regardless of their age

The truth is we are not all special,
The world needs people to suffer,
There could be no balance if we all got what we wanted in life,
We will always need people to shine our shoes, clean our cars, our homes, our streets,
Most importantly, we will always need people to die before we do,
Welcome to the real world, I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay,
Just don’t interfere with my enjoyment.

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