The Visitor

His parents were asleep in the next room,
The family dog rested by the foot of his bed,
Aside from their breathing, there was no other noise in the home,

The child seemed innocent now,
Turning four next week,
With his small hands resting beneath his face,
I knew the innocence would not last though,

This child would grow into a dictator and a murderer,
If he was not killed, the future could not be avoided,
That is why I am here,
I could not wait for a weed to grow before I pulled it out,

I had watched my family, my friends and my wife die,
All as a result of the person in front of him
I gave up on getting rid of the problem in my own time,
Each day that passed left me feeling like Sisyphus,
Doomed to repeat a task that I can never complete,
If one act could undo everything that happened to the ones I loved,
I knew I could no longer hesitate and hide behind a veil of morality,

I ignored my conscience and unsheathed my knife from my waist,
As I raised my knife above the child’s head,
I knew I was stopping his metamorphosis into something else, like preventing a caterpillar from morphing into a butterfly,
This was different though; humans didn’t start off as something grotesque,
They began as beautiful creatures and became something grotesque as they grew older

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