Under My Skin-

I don’t want to oversell it. It is a small poem on a small online magazine, but it is my first published work and a first step.

You can see the work in its original form at


The clots throughout my body shatter and I feel my blood flow freely
once again, a liberating rush that restores my strength and freedom
Once desolate, animals begin to return to my veins

The silver travellers return to their former homes with new members of their families,
with scales and fins gleaming under the light of the sun,
Ready to raise their children in my body, before moving on to others later in the year,
I feel abandoned when they leave me, but I know it is in their best interest to do so,
Like a child leaving their mother to make their own way in the world

The wooden sentinels are finally visible again, no longer shrouded in their white
They stand on the grass near me, looking down as they wait for their foliage to

The beings that do not live with me also return to me,
These beasts living on the grass will never live within me,
Yet part of me lives with them, nurturing them and their children

Over the years I have come to terms with my place in this world,
I may be deserted at times, but the beasts on the grass and the silver travellers
“always return to me,
What greater sign is there that I am needed, than when someone is willing to travel
to me?

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