Shutter Island Review

Originally Posted on February 24, 2010

Critical Value: 9.5/10 Entertainment Value: 9.10

I viewed Shutter Island directly after seeing the disappointing Wolfman movie, and Shutter Island prevented me from leaving the theatre fully disappointed. I do not give Shutter Island such a high rating because it was better in comparison to Wolfman, but because it was able to blow me away and provide one of the best times I’ve had in a theatre.

In 1954, two U.S Marshalls Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo), investigate the disappearance of a patient from a mental institution on an island in Massachusetts. Shutter Island is based on a 2003 book of the same name by Dennis Lehane.

I was surprised to find that many other sources have given Shutter Island mixed reviews, with a lot of criticism concerning the ending. Some call it predictable but all of the twists took me by surprise. All of the actors present in the film deliver great performances that is aided by the dialogue they have been given to work with.

There are minor gripes with the performances, with certain instances of Dicaprio’s scenes coming off as poorly done. Kingsley is a highlight as Dr. Cawley, one of the main authorities on Shutter Island.

There is a good mixture of humour that counterbalances the dark tone set by the film. The music is used exceptionally to accompany numerous dream scenes present in the film and to add suspense to certain scenes.
The story is enthralling and leaves the audience guessing throughout, despite the various complaints that the plot is predictable.