Mel Gibson Incites Riot

Originally Posted on January 2, 2010

While filming his latest film, Mel Gibson incited a riot at a Mexican prison. Governor Fidel Herrera willingly organized the vacation of a section of the prison to allow his “friend” to film. The relocation makes visitation more difficult and 300 family members protested the transferring of their relatives in prison. According to the prison director, there were only rumours of prisoner relocation, making the riot unnecessary. This incident is similar to Gibson’s DUI in 2006, when he uttered anti-Semitic statements.

It is unknown what film Mel Gibson was filming but there is speculation that it is How I Spent My Summer Vacation (2011), which Gibson is also set to star in. Gibson plays a criminal who is captured by Mexican authorities and is placed in a prison where a 9 year old helps him survive.