Harry Potter 6 Review

Cadeem Lalor originally posted on July 15, 2009 09:57 Article Rating

Critical Value:7.5/10 Entertainment Value: 9/10

A lot of material had to be cut from this movie to make it a manageable length. Some more minor characters as well as some of Voldemort’s history are not mentioned.

Plot: The film revolves around the increase of Death Eater attacks in the wizard and muggle world. Draco Malfoy(Tom Felton) is given a task by Voldemort(Ralph Fiennes). Snape takes part in an Unbreakable Vow with Dracp’s mother to ensure that he will help Draco accomplish his goal if need be. Harry Potter(Daniel Radcliffe) also decides to return to Hogwarts, after Dumbledore convinces him to. Another major point is the return of Professor Slughorn to Hogwarts, whose role as a teacher of Voldemort when he was younger plays a pivotal part in the story.

David Yates does a great job establishing the story in the first few frames, including a shot of Dumbledore and Harry in the midst of reporters that is able to show their bond in only a minute’s worth of footage. The performances of the actors are well done for the most part, with many of them being able to transition from a comedic scenario to a much more serious one. Especially Daniel Radcliffe, who is able to demonstrate a different side of his character after he drinks Felix Felicius, the potion that grants good luck.

However, I found Emma Watson (Hermione) to be unconvincing in a certain scene that requires her to portray sadness. Bonnie Wright (Ginny) has been receiving some criticism for her part. Many complain that she is not good looking enough, I have to agree with that. Her acting came of as wooden to me in some cases and the lines written for her were not always good. There were few times I thought that the dialogue was poorly done, Draco’s dialogue is sometimes repetive since he says “I was chosen” about three times in the movie. There was one instance where Harry mentions that Voldemort killed his parents, which seemed out of place in the context.

The special effects are greatly improved for the most part, although they do seem cartoonish at times. My favourite were the disapparation effects, I haven’t read the books in a while so I hope I spelled that right. The fight scenes are actually few and far between but the story keeps you enthralled without relying on its action, which to me is a sign of a good movie, whether it is action or not. Unlike Transformers 2. When the fight scenes do arrive they are thrilling, but I found them to be too short. There is one included that was not in the book.

To prevent spoilers I will just say that this fight could have been greatly improved. Hopefully the seventh movie clears up a major question revolving around another plot change. With the way the movie ended an important plot line was greatly changed.

Overall Harry Potter 6 delivered as a great movie but could have been better as an adaptation. For those who liked the other films and have not read the books you will be greatly pleased with this one and it may be your favourite yet. If you have read the books you may be disappointed by the changes or might be willing to accept them and enjoy the film for what it is