G.I. Joe Review

Cadeem Lalor originally posted on August 07, 2009 09:48 Article Rating

Critical Value: 4/10 Entertainment Value: 8/10

G.I Joe is based on a line of toys but due to the vast background, various interpretations and my lack of familiarity with the source material, I will not give G.I Joe an adaptation value.

In this adaptation an elite team of soldiers takes on a terrorist organization known as Cobra.

I did not expect this film’s acting and dialogue to be that impressive, however I was still underwhelmed. Firstly, Channing Tatum’s performance is one of the most wooden I have ever witnessed. Almost on par with Hayden Christensen’s from Star Wars. Tatum manages to say lines such as “that son of a bitch” in a complete monotone with no sign of emotion. The few times he does appear agitated his attempt to express anger is almost laughable.

Marlon Wayans, whose casting choice generated a lot of scepticism, actually does a better job than Tatum does. At times his performance is weak but he appears to take his role more seriously and is able to convey the emotions of his character with more effectiveness.

The standout performance of the film come from Joseph Gordon Levitt, who is the sole actor whose performance did not leave me feeling underwhelmed. However, the film’s dialogue does give Levitt little to work with at times.

Overall, the dialogue is clichéd in some parts and the actor’s performances often ruin lines that may otherwise have been clever or acceptable.

Most of the characters are under developed, with Duke (Channing Tatum) and the Baroness (Sienna Miller) fleshed out the most. Their background could have been more impressive if the acting and dialogue was improved.

The film attempts to develop the conflict between Snake Eyes (Ray Park) and Storm Shadow (Byung-hun Lee) but fails due to the simplicity of the flashbacks and the reason for their conflict does not seem justified once revealed.

There are thrilling action sequences but the special effects are a disappointment. Those who went to see mind blowing CGI may not feel like they were worth your money. The effects are surprisingly cartoonish for many parts of the film. For example a scene showing the G.I Joe’s base utilizes a CGI water environment that is poorly done and seems like an unfinished job for the special effects department.

This film is another example of how many people will lower their standards for an action movie, and always use the genre as an excuse for inadequacies that numerous other action films don’t have.

Although G.I Joe was only two hours long (short compared to some films) it felt like it dragged. I have been in films such as Lord of the Rings that dragged less, because all the aspects of the film kept me interested. This was not one of them

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